Marcus Willis checked out every morning until his dream checked in.

By | June 28, 2016

We all like to hear about some little, chanceless guys winning against the big, famous opponents. I don’t know why, but we do. I do.

And speaking for myself, the reason I like to see David beating the crap out of Goliath is because I resonate better with these David-like guys who fight Goliath with so much spirit that it looks like they’re in a dream where everything’s possible.

I’m no pro in tennis, but when I play, I do it with a lot of joy. Passion, if I may. Of course, my game is much better in my dreams, but what’s the point of telling you this, if you won’t be able to see me play on my dream court.

Marcus Willis was pretty much like me, but with some extra talent and weight:). I’m being a gentleman…

So, what has he done differently? A lot, but something I heard during the press conference following his first win at Wimbledon really caught up my attention:

“I check out every single morning. I’m not a heavy favourite for any match I’m playing”.

Marcus checked out 7 times from the hotel he was staying at Wimbledon. He did so because he thought he had no chance in any of the matches he played. But not being a favourite had no negative effect on Marcus’s game, but on the contrary. Actually, on the last game of the 7, which took place in the first round at Wimbledon, Marcus won in straight sets against Berankis, a player ranked 54th in the world. This is 718 positions higher than Marcus.

In the second round, the opponent will be Roger Federer, the very best player who has ever stepped on a tennis court. In the morning prior to the game, Marcus will probably check out once again because his chances for a win are as low as possible.

But, honestly, it doesn’t matter if he’ll do another check in or not. All that counts is that regardless of the result against Federer, Marcus has already made the check in of a “dream come true”.

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